Welcome to Folding Tales

Welcome to Folding Tales

If you’ve found your way to this website, chances are you are a cyclist, or a traveller, or both, or plan to be sometime in the near future. I never thought I’d be either of the two, but I do hope that documenting my journey as both will inspire others to do the same.

I don’t profess to be a globetrotter or know all there is to know about it, but I do admit to having a healthy dose of wanderlust coursing through my veins, thanks to the influence of my beatnick hippie father. One of my fondest early childhood memories was a month on the road in a rented caravan, with my late father in his usual spot behind the wheel, my eldest sister strapped in beside me, and mother relaxing in the back. I love travel and all it entails, be it an adventure into the wild, a gastronomical feast in foreign lands, or an urban exploration of culture and history. At the same time, I am rational enough to understand that I don’t particularly want to leave behind my family and home to travel 365 days of the year, and that’s also okay.

Choosing the folding life

With little time to spare for the normal working adult, cycle travel or bike touring really was the natural choice. It’s a fantastic way to see everyday life away from the tourist attractions, be in the great outdoors, and connect with locals. That being said, as a tourist, the fastest way to cover ground at no extra cost is by bike. Folding Tales is a hybrid group of urban cyclists or tourers, depending on our chosen destination, with our bikes outfitted accordingly.

It is also my hope that chronicling my return to cycling and those of my fellow comrades will help others who are also contemplating doing the same, even if you do not plan to travel in the same manner. Starting out, the internet was our greatest ally, a treasure trove of information at the click of the mouse. The only problem we ran into, was a lack of information on the Birdy, our eventual choice of folding bike. This website is designed to fill at least a little of that void and continue the Birdy’s quest for world domination (just kidding).

For now, our group is made up of three friends who often take to the road together or separately (although two of us are kind of a package deal). You can read more about myself, Eka and Maya in the About Us page, or as we pen more of our thoughts. That being said, contributors will also be welcome, if we find anyone interested along the way.

I suppose that as a cyclist, I’m fairly late to the game, since the foldie movement in Malaysia has been gathering strength over the last decade, while full sized bikes have been around for much, much longer. But I try to tell myself everyday that it’s never to late to jump into the fray! Physical activity IS the fountain of youth, after all.

Do come back to visit, or sign up for regular updates as they appear on the site!