Take a picture, it lasts longer

Take a picture, it lasts longer

One of the best things I love about cycling is the opportunity to go exploring. Other than saving on transportation costs, traveling and exploring on a bicycle is an extremely versatile option that lets you cover greater distances, and is also gentler on the knees and joints with much less fatigue. And when it comes to exploring, I am equally in love with the process of capturing and documenting moments as photos or videos.

Over the years, I've put together a collection of various cameras and lenses. I remember my old Canon Rebel film camera from my high school days, and the later transition to DSLRs and mirror-less cameras. On a recent trip, I brought along the Fujifilm X100 thinking that I'd be using it a lot on and off the bike. But what I discovered was that some of my best photos were taken with the camera that was either sitting in my pocket or in a frame pouch: my iPhone.

As the common saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you.

I love my X100 to bits, but I'll be honest and say that nothing beats the speed of pulling out a pocket-sized phone camera at that exact moment when you spot something along the road, dismount from the saddle, compose and shoot, get back on the saddle and continue – all in less than a minute. And sometimes this can be done while still pedaling if it's safe enough.

Our photo gallery

As we continue our cycling journey with our foldies, we will be sharing some of our favorite moments in the gallery. We hope to always have something new to share whenever we go for a ride, be it at our local haunts or faraway places.

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